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Two photos awarded in competition "Best Photo of 2010" of Krakow Branch of Polish Nature Photographers' Union

: 2011-01-26 22:52:07

…was taken at the Biebrza River on the “Bagno Ławki” Marsh one chilly, April morning. This time of the year elks lured by the fresh, green grass willingly go out on the open space. One of them did not afraid the sound of the shutter at all. It decided to walk slowly away only after a longer time. In the water it looked like the true King of The Marshes.

Slovensky Raj is the excellent destination for the long, May weekend, but when the weather is unfavorable, in the moist, rainy day one can focus on photographing the  snails. This time Chilostoma faustinum came out in swarms on the streamside. Creeping over the plants and variegated stones snails splendidly exposed their beauty, but after the next, tenth photo I wished something special. I searched succeeding meters of the bank keeping my nose to the ground and… suddenly! I have never ever seen something like this – the two mating snails. Snails are hermaphrodites what means that each specimen has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes. Sperm cells hold in the special capsules (spermatophores) are exchanged between both animals. Later each of them will lay fertilized eggs. I took some dozens of photos and than I was observing this act of the snail love a long time.


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