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White Egrets awarded in the photographic contest "Nature in the Objective"

: 2011-01-26 22:32:59
…was taken in November 2010 at the Przereb Fish Ponds near Zator in the Upper Vistula Valley . That day I visited ponds looking especially for White Egrets. The weather was not good for walking. To make matters worse I spotted from the distance only single birds. I decided to go back. Leaving the ponds I turned into the dirt road. After some hundred meters the white spots loomed behind the narrow stripe of reeds. This time I decided to creep up. Fortunately the lay of the land was on my side. Some time I observed several beautiful birds completely unaware of my presence. I understood that my appearing from behind the reeds would ruin this idyllic atmosphere in one moment. I decided to photograph through the dried up grasses, and…

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